Star Wars Rebels Basically Just Remade A New Hope, And It Was Great

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A Rebel ship is sucked into a mysterious new vessel. Two heroes pose as Stormtroopers to make a daring rescue but, first, they must disengage the vessel’s defense system before a daring, blaster filled escape. Sound familiar?

Not only are those plot points from Star Wars: A New Hope, they all happened on the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels called “Stealth Strike.” The episode basically took the second act of A New Hope - Luke and Han’s rescue of Princess Leia on the Death Star - and changed it to be Kana and Rez rescuing Ezra on a mysterious new Imperial ship. With a few Rebels twists.


The Imperial ship was able to suck another ship out of hyperspace using something called a gravity well. That’s how Ezra - who was on a mission with Commander Sato - got captured. Hera assigned rivals Kanan and Rex to go on the rescue and, well, then things got very familiar.

Ezra and Sato’s captured ship resembled the Blockade Runner that was captured at the beginning of the film. The two Rebels who came to rescue them posed as Stormtroopers and used the same communicators. There was a scene in an elevator. The team splits up on their way back to the ship. An interrogation droid was used, as well as escape pod. Plus Kanan used the force like he was Obi-Wan Kenobi in Mos Eisely.

There was some Return of the Jedi in there too. Like when Kanan and Rex used a stolen Imperial Cruiser to get past security. Basically, “Stealth Strike” was an awesome blend of Star Wars tropes into its own, fun episode.


Don’t worry, there were plenty of specific Rebels touches too. Like Ezra using the force to ignite his lightsaber on a stormtrooper’s belt, helping him mount a crazy escape. Ezra ran up walls to take out seven stormtroopers at once, and then there was this brand new Imperial ship, which looked like a stubby Star Destroyer with acne. Plus, none of the Stormtroopers in A New Hope used lightsabers.


Eventually, though they have differences and trust issues, the mission brings together Rex and Kanan in a way that hasn’t happened since The Clone Wars. Back before the clones and turned on the Jedi. They should prove to be a formidable duo, especially next week. Those Inquisitors are finally back.

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