Star Wars Stroller Gives Lucky Kid Galactic Treatment

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The manhunt has begun. The mission? Find the guy who built this stroller that just might be the coolest way to get around—for someone who can barely walk, that is. Spotted at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, the littlest Imperial-to-be was carted around in his own ATAT. Thingamababy, with the help of DaddyTypes, are doing their best to find out how the one-of-a-kind stroller was built, and already have quite a few of the pieces put together.


The ATAT is believed to be built over a stroller chassis that has since been discontinued: the Baby Trend Trendsport Lite. The most impressive part of it all, the shell, is said to be foamcore or perhaps cardboard that's been painted over and detailed with a pen, and held together with wires at the corners.

Especially cool is the snowspeeder mobile hanging over the baby's head. Fans have been scrutinizing the images for clues, from the father's Boba Fett wristband, to the tattoos on his calf. If these things were mass produced when I was young enough for them, I bet there'd be a lot more Imperial sympathizers walking around.

Deconstructing a Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Baby Stroller [Thingamababy via BoingBoing]



I count three people in this picture that need to grow up.