Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Home Release Includes Rian Johnson Explaining the Bonus Features

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney
Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

Good news! Star Wars: The Last Jedi is getting a digital and Blu-ray release next month. Even better news: there’s a ton of deleted scenes included, complete with commentary from director and resident explainer-in-chief, Rian Johnson.


Officially confirmed today, the home release of The Last Jedi will include over two hours of bonus footage, including a feature-length documentary called The Director and the Jedi, promising an “ intimate and personal journey” that follows Rian Johnson during the production of the movie. On top of that, there’ll be a whopping 14 deleted scenes from the film, complete with optional commentary from Johnson. If that wasn’t enough of the director for you, he also provides a full director’s commentary track for the film and a standalone featurette about how the film portrays the Force.

Here’s the trailer for the release which we assume you wouldn’t be watching unless you’d seen the film. Just in case, some spoilers included.

Joining the Johnson-packed special features are chances to see Andy Serkis’ raw performance capture acting on set, breakdown featurettes on several aspects of the film —Supreme Leader Snoke’s role in the film, the climactic battle of Crait, and the space battle/chase sequences—and then... err, well, The Last Jedi itself, a movie you’ve no doubt heard of at this point.

But yes, if you’re a fan of hearing Rian Johnson break down every tiny little thing about the latest Star Wars film (and it seems like most of the world is at this point), you’re in for a treat. Also, if you’re a fan of Porgs, you’re going to want to hold out for the Target exclusive Blu-ray which includes a “Meet the Porgs” feature.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases digitally March 13, ahead of a physical Blu-ray release (in a variety of packages) March 27.

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They should release a version just for those precious, snowflakes disturbed by all those darn women in the movie.

It would 45 minutes of babies crying.

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