Starbucks Wants to Turn Its Coffee and Old Baked Goods Into Laundry Detergent

Bean flavored water manufacturer Starbucks is not comfortable with just having more corners than Barksdale & Bell Associates, it wants to take over your house too—just not in the way you think. Instead, Starbucks wants to turn coffee grinds and old baked goods into laundry detergent and plastic

Yes, you read that right. The coffee you pay more than you should everyday for and those lovable pastries that stare you down while you're in line is somehow going to combine into a killer of Tide. According to the NY Daily News, the project is being led by scientists at the City University of Hong Kong and is being tested at a biorefinery where the stale baked goods are blended with a mixture of fungi.

"[The fungi] help break down the carbohydrates into simple sugars. The blend is then fermented in a vat where bacteria transform the sugars into succinic acid, a key material that's used to produce everything from laundry detergent, plastic, to medicine."


It's sorta gross (but good!) to think that Starbucks coffee grinds can be made into household goods, no? [NY Daily News via Seattle PI, Image Credit: Flickr/Schtumple]

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