Start Your Astronaut Training With This Fake Spacesuit Sweatsuit

Even if you've watched movies like The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, and Armageddon so often you can recite them by heart, NASA isn't even going to look at your resume if you're not in shape. So start your unofficial astronaut training with this sweatsuit that's printed to look exactly like Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 spacesuit.


It wouldn't keep you alive for a second were you to find yourself sucked out into the vacuum of space, but here on earth the sweatsuit will make you feel as comfy as floating in zero gravity with a drawstring elastic waistband and a relaxed fit. At $139 it's expensive, but no where near what an actual spacesuit would cost you. And its stretchy material means you can eat all the astronaut ice cream you want and still comfortably squeeze in to them.[Fancy]

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