Stealth's Fanless WPC-500F Computer Is Bathtub Safe

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"Barney wanted a tiny waterproof computer for his million-dollar playboy lifestyle submersible, and he wanted it for under $2,000. We told him, 'you find it, you keep it.'"

Apple can't say that in their I'm a Mac ads, can they? But Microsoft can, now that Stealth Computer contends users could throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at their WPC-500F PC and it'd come out unscathed. Actually, throw the thing in the sink and it'd be fine too, because it's 100% waterproof.

Now, what companies say and what their products actually do in the hands of consumers are often dubious stretches of reality at best (see also: laptop battery life claims), but in Stealth's defense they do advertise this thing by dumping water on it.


But enough Saturday morning infomercial crap—what about specs? There's few to be had, unfortunately, but we do know the WPC-500F is tiny, like netbook tiny (almost), and is powered appropriately by an Intel Atom processor. There's Windows Vista/XP support, and for you penguin heads thinking about bolting this thing to your Torvalds-branded power boat, there's Linux support too.

The WPC-500F is billed as shock-proof to begin with, but Stealth says there's an SSD hard drive option if you're being extra careful. Base model starts at $1,995. [Stealth Computer via Coolest Gadgets]