Apparently this song was on MVP Baseball 2004, which is where a lot of the people who know it know it from. I found it on Pandora. Either way "My Coco" by stellastarr* is a fantastic tune and well worth a listen.

Off stellastarr*'s self-titled debut (which has some other good tunes like "Somewhere Across Forever"), "My Coco" has a bouncy, happy, sort of disco vibe to it. The lyrics are pretty inconsequential, and center around the repeating of co-co-co, but where the track really shines is the lead singer's voice. He's got this weird, cartoon-y vibe that sounds a little bit like the B-52's Fred Schneider and it's amazing. The bridge, in particular, is fantastic. So sit back and give it a listen. And whatever you do, don't forget [your/his] Coco[co]. [Amazon, Spotify, iTunes]