Step Aboard the Enterprise-D in This Amazing Star Trek Virtual Reality Demo

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The current VR boom in technology has given us some pretty spectacular moments. Headsets like the Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive even have entertainment giants planning content using them to create immersive experiences. That’s cool, sure. But none of that lets you wander around the Enterprise-D in awe, does it?

This amazing VR demo video is part of the ongoing Enterprise 3D Construction project, which plans to fully create the Enterprise in 3D space and let you walk around the ship in its entirety, and even take shuttlecraft out to fly in nearby space. That’s all well and good, but it’s the fact that the project is compatible with VR now that makes this so cool: it’s not just you flying through a rendered Enterprise, it’s you walking around and looking around at stuff, like you’re a member of the crew.


Well, the only member of the crew. There’s no other people visible during the demo, so it’s a pretty lonely trek through the long hallways and rooms of the starship (even Ten Forward is quiet!), but it’s still a sight to behold, to bask in all the little details everywhere. The bridge itself is a highlight, with voice clips of the main cast fading in and out, like recollected memories or echoes as you poke about the Captain’s chair or the Ops panels. You can check out the full video of the tour below.

[Via Reddit, h/t Daniel Schumpert]