Stephen Hawking Just Dropped a Sick Zinger [Updated: He's Dropping Zingers Left and Right]

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Stephen Hawking is currently making a big announcement about aliens or something. And Hawking just dropped a zinger that made me LOL.

“What makes human beings unique? Some say it’s language or tools. Others say it’s logical reasoning,” Hawking said, teeing it up. “They obviously haven’t met many humans.”

I really want to watch Stephen Hawking do an hour-long standup special on HBO. You can watch the livestream of the announcement below.


Update 12:53pm: Hawking is dropping zingers left and right. On what we should do if we find intelligent alien life: “We should hope that they don’t find us.”

On what he expects alien life to look like: “Judging by the election campaign, definitely not like us.”