Stephen King's The Running Man Getting a New Adaptation From Edgar Wright

Director Edgar Wright.
Director Edgar Wright.
Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images (Getty Images)

Edgar Wright is developing a new adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Running Man. Penned by King using a pseudonym (Richard Bachman), the dystopian tale follows an impoverished father selected to appear on a government-run game show wherein he attempts to survive 30 days while hitmen try to kill him. It’s kind of a grown-up Hunger Games that definitely inspired Hunger Games.


Now, mind you, this will not be a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger version of The Running Man. The book is grittier and its protagonist is a wee fellow while Arnold Schwarzenegger is...Arnold Schwarzenegger. As Deadline reports, Wright will develop the story with Michael Bacall, his Scott Pilgrim vs. the World co-writer, and Bacall will write the screenplay.

No word on whether or not the film will feature a Richard Dawson hologram. Presumably not, given the whole thing I just said about it not being a remake of the movie, but I say give the people what they want.

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May I recommend to all my non German folk out there this German TV movie that ripped off Running Man 17 years before it was written:

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