If you mixed one part of Ikea's free paper measuring tapes with one part masking tape you'd end up with this roll of Measure-It! adhesive ruler that appears to make it almost impossible to mis-measure and cut or drill in the wrong spot.

Unlike a tape measure or even a ruler that can shift and move while you're trying to mark a measurement, as long as the Measure-It! tape is properly aligned before you stick it down, it's not going to budge. And since it boasts the same level of tack as masking tape, it can be easily removed afterwards without marring the surface you're working on.


At eight bucks a roll that will probably need to be replaced a few times during a big project, a retractable tape measure seems like a cheaper solution. Until you accidentally drill a hole in a freshly painted wall where you didn't need it, or accidentally cut a two-by-four too short. [Amazon via Werd]