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Stolen PS3 Tracked Through PlayStation Network

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dustin Waller was a happy guy with a loving fiancee who was kind enough to buy him a PlayStation 3. But one day police knocked on his door and informed Waller that they'd tracked his stolen PS3 through the internet. That bitch! (OK, she actually didn't steal the console).Apparently the system had been purchased from a local pawn shop and Waller, not knowing how the PlayStation 3 worked, assumed that the account already on the system was automatically generated. So he'd been logging in under someone else's name—someone who'd reported their system stolen as part of a larger ring of crime. The police (we're assuming with the help of Sony) tracked Waller's IP and found the address of the PS3 (where it was immediately confiscated). While Microsoft has aided authorities in tracking Xbox LIVE threats and the occasional theft, we've never heard of busting anyone through PSN. Way to crack the skulls, Sony! [Salisbury Post via PS3Fanboy]