Stop-Motion Video With 500 People And 1500 Photos In 110 Seconds

Here's an excellent video from Eran Amir that features 500 people holding 1500 photographs in a mere 110 second clip.

What's interesting about this film is that it's a stop-motion video within a stop-motion video. It's a dizzying effect that you should avoid watching while under the influence, unless you enjoying tossing your cookies all over your computer. [YouTube via Laughing Squid and ZeFrank]

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I wouldn't call the container video stop-motion as each clip was just a different person holding up a picture. No action was being performed and there was minimal movement. Still, the effect was pretty wild/busy.

After a while, I tuned out the stop-motion video in the pictures they were holding and started trying to recognize places. I was only in Israel once and quite a while ago, at that, and the images went by awfully quickly...but some of them were quite recognizable. The Knesset was in there, I think, and Yad Vashem, the Wailing Wall, etc., etc.

I'll have to watch this at least two more times - once to try to pick out more of the places and once to concentrate on the video within the video because I honestly have no idea how that went after, like, the first 25 seconds or so. :)