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Nobody wants a wind turbine in their backyard, because the things are noisy and kill birds. But now inventors at Stormblade Turbine might have made the windmill a neighborhood-friendly device, solving that noise problem while doubling the efficiency of current turbines. This weird-looking jet engine-on-a-stick is somehow able to accelerate wind into its blades that are nestled safely in their enclosure, concentrating the breeze while keeping the birds and bats out of harm's way.

The prototype operates quietly in wind speeds from 7mph to 120mph, twice the range of conventional wind turbines, plus it's a lot smaller and easier to maintain. Install two of them next to each other and they'll look like a pair of eyes peering into the wind. Meanwhile, you'll be looking at selling power back to the electric company.


Silent wind turbine is ultra-efficient [Engineer Live, via treehugger]