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Unless your DVR came with a memory card slot, your current season of House is probably stuck next to your TV. That's where the SV-1000 Mini VCR comes in. Equipped with slots for Pro Duo and Compactflash cards (adapters are available for other types), this little blue box lets you transfer anything you've recorded onto your mobile media for use on your cell phone, iPod or other portable video device.

Can your miniscule screen convey the ruggedness of Dr. House's picture-perfect stubble? Maybe not, but beggars don't get to be choosers. If you're desperate, you can also use the SV-1000 to turn your TV into an MP3 player or slideshow viewer. The $180 price tag is a bit steep for something you could probably do with a PC and a BitTorrent client, but if you have to watch your shows on the go, it may be worth it.


StorVision SV-1000 Mini VCR [via RedFerret]