Strange Device Adds Tactile Feedback to Ebooks

Illustration for article titled Strange Device Adds Tactile Feedback to Ebooks

Do you ever wish that your slender ebook reader was encased in a clunky fake book just so that you can pretend that you're flipping through real pages? Me neither, but there's a device that'll grant that wish anyway.


It's called Paranga and it's made by a group of students at the Osaka University. It consists of various mechanisms which can judge how far you're bending a fake book so that a roller with fake pages can turn at an appropriate rate to simulate turning pages.

Check out the video below to see just how the strange system works.

I sincerely doubt that anyone will actually want or use this device, but I do find it amusing that it exists and appears to work. [DigInfo via CrunchGear]


This sort of thing is a testimony to utter power of human habits. Do a thing often enough and dendritic pathways in your brain, actual physical structures! So I can see how people crave the familiar, but this is ridiculous and retrograde.

It's interesting, just a couple of years ago, talk about ebooks was met with skepticism and heartfelt declarations about they'll have to pry my book out of my cold dead hands...

Nowadays, it's "I love my Kindle..." I'm enjoying it because I have been waiting and hoping for ebooks for over 20 years. And the revolution is just beginning. We may finally be seeing the end of paper! And that is a very very good thing. Paper is an environmental and economic disaster.