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Stranger Things Finally Returns July 4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Grab some fireworks, and get into the true spirit of Independence Day: freedom from a life with no new Stranger Things to watch.

Netflix has rung in 2019 with a confirmation that the third season of Stranger Things will drop on the streaming service July 4, as part of a brief, kitschy live stream replicating the countdown to New Years 1985 as seen on TV sets across Hawkins, Indiana. Complete with mandatory Dick Clark!

It seems that the season will at least be set around Independence Day 1985 itself—we’ve known for a while that season 3 would ditch the autumnal setting of prior seasons for summertime. But given that the poster sees the kids (and Steve in a uniform that is at least slightly less ridiculous than that sailor suit he wears for his job at the Mall being introduced in season 3) watching some appropriately red, white, and blue fireworks—while Eleven notices something distinctly creepy looking lurching behind them—it looks like July 4, 1985 could be a wild one.


We’ll bring you more from Stranger Things season 3 as we learn it.