In the future, no natural food will taste as you remember it now. Because face it: fruits and vegetables are great. But if turnips tasted like Doritos, America wouldn't be so fat that our continent occasionally dips into the ocean, like arm floaties on a grown man. Tokyo company FCOM is learning how to change food as we know it. Instead of using genetic modification, they're utilizing techniques from other industrial processes. Through freeze-drying fruit, FCOM is then able to replace with water with flavor (or in the case of strawberries, water with white chocolate). But no, they haven't made cocao butter-based white chocolate into a health food.

Their next project is (after putting us all on the brink of death with delicious-sounding super strawberries) to use this same freeze-drying process to inject foods with higher vitamin/mineral content. Given that many people are adverse to getting their FDA-approved nutritional quota through pills and that many nutrients absorb better into the body with food, it sounds like a pretty good idea.


But can you imagine? A chocolate infused strawberry with a dose of Viagra would cause wider-spread panic than roofies. [japantimes via tokyomango]