Streamlined Speedo Swim Suit Is Too Slippery When Wet

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Officials from the International Swimming Federation (aka FINA) want to speak with Speedo next week about their high-tech swimsuit. Seems the athletes who use the swimsuit are breaking all sorts of records and, with the Olympics coming up, FINA doesn't want anyone getting an unfair advantage. Unfortunately for FINA, the only real resolutions appear to be a general ban, which Speedo would protest, or to allow every country to wear it in violation of their existing equipment contracts. The last option is probably the most appealing: FINA brings back the old suits and those swim team shaving parties of yesteryear. [MSNBC]

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@TallDudeFromBrazil: F1 isn't really a contest of technology, it's just that the better drivers want to go to the teams with the most money, who also happen to have the better technology. (I.E. Alonso won with Renault a few years back, while Ferrari had the best technology).

About Speedo: they made a better product that didn't break the current rules, and they probably spent millions on it.

They should not be penalized for it. If anything, the other sponsors should allow their athletes to wear these suits. It's not like there's excessive branding on them or anything.