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Artist, Duncan Wilson gave some new life to an old idea with the wireless cup communicator. It's like the old-school cup and string communicators that would let you talk to a friend 10 feet away through a cup or tin can (you know, because they wouldn't be able to hear you otherwise).

Tug the cord to activate, squeeze to talk and hold to the mouth and ear.

The design of the Cup Communicator is focused around a series of physical actions and gestures that create a poetic etiquette of use and a tactile intimacy between user and object.

By designing a communication device focused on the gesture of use, the relationship between the users and between the user and object I aim to explore the potential of the product as a medium for interaction and reassess the way we use technology.


Man, you artsy kids are so damn hard to understand sometimes. In laymen's terms—it's a walkie talkie inside of a cup. Period. Still cool, though.

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