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John here. Just got back from an extended bout of European stroller shopping with the missus and I am not proud to say that it is not only in sheer high tech geekery that our continent is sorely lacking. We bought a Quinny Buzz, which, as those who are aware of humans called "babies" know, is the mother of all strollers.

Please excuse my failure to "Buy American" in this case because my wife is Polish and her head is swimming with Euro-themed advice she's getting from all her friends. However, I can say that the Quinny, with its elegant lines, unusual modular frame, and through-hiker-meets-Aeron-Chair aesthetic, is one mean baby carryin' device. In New York, the only similar stroller is the over-exposed Bugaboo. Everything else, as my wife says, is plasticky and cutesy, and I agree.


I mean when you fold this thing down, all it takes is a well-placed kick for it to slide hydraulically back up like ED-209 preparing to drill RoboCop. I also suspect it folds into a sniper-rifle for night ops.

That said, here is today's Gizmodo challenge—U.S. stroller makers and distributors: Stop aiming for the mothers. The world needs no more Pooh-themed diaper bags. I realize it is the mothers and attendant in-laws and friends that do most of the shower shopping, but I'm sure that the geeks among us would love a stroller that snaps together like an Antarctic satellite base-station. While I am not proud that I now stare at strollers in the street, weighing them against other potential strollers, I am happy that our unborn son will now be rolling in 18 kg of red hot Euro aluminum.

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