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StumbleUpon App Discovery Guides You To New Android Apps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

StumbleUpon, an excellent service for finding cool websites, just launched App Discovery for Android, aiming to help users find something even more elusive than cool websites: cool apps! It'll look at the apps you already have and suggest similar ones.

The App Discovery feature is in beta in the new version of the Android StumbleUpon app. It'll ask you permission to check out what apps you already have, look for those you don't have that have been downloaded by similar users, and send you on your way. Early reports suggest that things are a bit wonky to start, as they often are with these sorts of crowdsourced efforts, but this sort of semi-social service seems like a brilliant way to find out about new apps, and if anyone can do it well, I'd imagine it'd be StumbleUpon. [AppBrain]