Stylish Vac Compresses Your Dirt Into Easily Disposable Cubes

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Gtech's AirRam cordless vacuum certainly has the looks to challenge Dyson's rein over the industry. But it actually manages to one-up its competition with a neat system that turns the dirt you suck up into tiny dust-free bales that are even easier to dispose of.

On a full charge the AirRam's lithium-ion battery is good for about 40 minutes of cleaning, but Gtech claims that it's so efficient at sucking up dirt that you could actually clean a three-bedroom house twice before the battery dies. It also uses about 20 times less power than a vacuum that stays plugged into the wall during use, which means in the long run you'll be saving money on your electric bill.

Available now in the UK for just over $180, the AirRam even claims that it can help you lose weight and get in shape while you go about your weekly chores. A USB connection lets you connect the vac to your PC where it will not only report how much electricity you've saved, but will also let you know how many calories you've burned while pushing it around.


So maybe that feature's a bit of a stretch, given you'll still burn calories no matter what you're doing, even raising an eyebrow at the company's claims. In other words, don't cancel your gym membership just yet, unless you plan to start a vigorous daily vacuuming regime. [Gtech via Pocket-Lint]