When you slam on the brakes, those brake lights sometimes aren't enough of a warning to lackadaisical drivers behind you. SuddenStop is a license plate frame that can calculate G-forces, and when you suddenly decelerate it goes nuts with its lithium battery-powered and ultrabright LEDs, flashing for three seconds and alerting even the dopiest driver behind you. It's not even hooked up to your car's electrical system, and only activates when you slam on the brakes.

The company says the unit's eight button-sized lithium batteries on board will last 15,000 hours, which is somewhere between two and three years of use.


Having had drunk and incompetent drivers crawling up my car's ass three separate times, this is a device that I think could have helped me avoid at least two of those three mishaps. After all, this little device could shave off .25 seconds from a driver's reaction time, and that translates into 20 feet of stopping distance at 60 mph. The unit's $29.99 price sounds like a good deal to me. [SuddenStop]

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