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Like we didn't see this one coming. Sure, the Sundance Film Festival looks like a great place to see, be seen and let A,B,C and even D-list celebs grab lots of free swag, but let's face it, many of the movies shown at the indie festival aren't exactly huge moneymakers. So it's no surprise that the big talk at this year's Redford-fest is about distributing these films through digital means. So, yeah, people like Marvin Jarrett, director of a documentary of Good Charlotte called Fast Future Generation (god help us all), are going to be happy to send this film to your cell phone. In fact, Jarrett, as well as other directors such as Nick Cassavetes, were showing movies that could be downloaded on a T-mobile cell phone with a screen about 1.7 inches x 2.2 inches. Not bad, and I'm sure people will pay more to see an unknown film like this on the go than to sit through it at a movie theatre. Another big discussion was sending independent films straight to digital satellite and cable systems through a digital video-on-demand service.

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