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In our quest to someday live off the grid, here's another device we've added to our list: Sunlight Direct hybrid solar lighting technology that collects sunlight on the roof and brings it inside with fiber optics. Once inside, that solar light automagically combines with your choice of the fluorescent lighting you see here, direct halogen lighting, or greenhouse lighting. On cloudy days, the electric lights are faded in, with a microprocessor monitoring the situation, keeping the light level steady whether you're using piped-in sunlight, electrical light or a combination of both.

This is a great hybrid system, and an especially nice idea for lights that might be situated in darker areas of your house. Weed growers will love this, where its reduced power usage won't be as likely to raise a red flag down at the government-supervised power company. Plus, you get a 30% federal tax credit if you install it this year or next. Can't beat that.


Take a look at the Discovery Channel video segment, after the jump.


Product page [Sunlight Direct, via SlashGear]

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