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This year's Super Bowl in Detroit is set to be the largest HD test so far, with ABC showing it in high definition using all kinds of new equipment. ABC sprang for an RF HD camera, which will bless us with wireless high definition video feeds of events in and out of the stadium where a wired HD camera just couldn't go. Behind the players benches and in the stands, for example. Also being used are high-end camera lenses with Canon's advanced Optical Image Stabilization system, perfect for long shots and extreme close-ups.

The HD gear will be backed up with several Sony slo-mo cameras, plus a Panasonic camera for the ESPN SkyCam, a Panasonic POV, and Harris encoders and decoders. Sounds like a great set-up, except engineers are beginning to worry that the weather in Detroit may freeze the wires and cables. Why isn't this thing in Florida again?


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