Super Mario Brothers Running On Apple TV: Video

A reader, Rusty, sent in this video of himself playing Super Mario Bros. on his Apple TV, which, in my Nintendo fanboy opinion, totally blows away those other top 5 hacks. Who cares about running XviD files—or hell, even the legit functions—when you can play Mario?


He says:

Standard ATV OS with a few hacks.

Pretty simple hack to accomplish. Just enabled shh. Then VNC, AFP and USB. Then installed Nestopia and Emulator Enhancer.

Easy only because many people have spent hundreds of hours figuring out these hacks.

So humble. Now what was that about Apple TV not being a game device?

Apple TV [Gizmodo]


Get it running WOW nd it'd sell into the millions cos the majority of people who play it i bet would love to sit at their TV instead of computer screen. Nd then make a special controller nd they'd [Apple nd WOW creators] be laughing, raking in the dosh. Nd the fat world would begin.

Only a thought lol