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Supernatural Proves It's Not Kidding With a Trailer for the Final Season

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Whoa, you’re telling me it’s like, over over?
Whoa, you’re telling me it’s like, over over?
Photo: Jack Rowand (The CW)

For years, Supernatural’s been this thing that’s just...around. Like streetlights, rent checks, and that ever-present sense of dread, Supernatural felt like something that was never not going to exist. Until now. The trailer for the 15th and final season is here, proving that even demon hunters need to take a break.

The CW has released the first look at Supernatural’s final season. It comes on the heels of the season 14 cliffhanger, when Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) learned that God/Chuck had basically been pulling a Stranger Than Fiction on their lives this entire time. Now, the gates of hell have been opened and they’ve got to fight a bunch of their old enemies...including that creepy clown guy, because of course there’s a creepy clown guy.

Look, I’ve got to be honest: I know very little about this show. But I do know that if it’s been on for 15 seasons now, there are some people who feel very strongly about it and are going to miss it when it’s gone. I imagine the final season is going to be challenging for those who may not be ready to say goodbye—unless, of course, they end up pulling a fast one and cancelling the apocalypse, by which I mean stopping the series from ending. Forever.


I could see that happening (even though it won’t), if only because it’s hard to imagine a world where this show will not exist. Until the day Supernatural is no longer on the air, I’m going to keep treating it like a streetlight. Always there, always on.


Supernatural returns on October 10.

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