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Just when Phantom's managed to get a modicum of credibility back into their corner with the recent Lapboard news (even though the concept for the keyboard was all but firmed up even back in 2004), they go and blow it all like Charlie Sheen on $450 hookers. Yes, Phantom's just announced that they've found some suckers to manufacture their stuff, but they also say release is delayed until January 2007 for pre-order customers and March 2007 for wide release.


So once again, we were all fools to believe that the company who strung investors along for years with a nonexistent console could possibly make an adjustable keyboard and mousepad—something any two-bit third-world company can crap out in a month and a half.

Phantom Anticipates 'Major Retail' Deployment of Lapboard [Yahoo News via Tech Dirt via Crunchgear]