Sure, Why Not Pretend To Be Pregnant With a Tree Baby?

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Do you love plants. No, I mean really love plants. We're talking "I want sapling inside me" love. Like, "literally all I want is to birth a small but hearty tomato plant" love. Well we've got a gift for all three(?) of you: maternity vests for plant pregnancy.

Designed by Alice Kim, of from Kingston University, the apparel is a simple PVC vest with a front mounted terrarium seedlings or young plants.

Kim explains the insanity this way:

Plants share very similar birth and growth process to humans but we do not appreciate much of what they give us. This project intended to encourage people to give plants the same care and treatment that we give to pets and babies.


Whether a lack of appreciation necessarily leads to a need for stomach-mounted terrariums might be up for debate. No word on what the birthing process is like, but Kim does have a stroller for nice relaxing walks during your vegetable's infancy.


So if you've already nurtured the shit out of an unfertilized chicken egg, but you're not quite sure you can hop all the way up to a living, breathing creature from the kingdom Animalia, here is your solution. We’ll find out who the father is on a very special botanical edition of Maury. [Dezeen]