Surfing and BASE Jumping Off a Zip Line Is Something I've Never Seen Before

I’ve thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to BASE jumping and then I just watched the Flying Frenchies surf down a zip line at over 45 mph and then jump off in the middle of the line from nearly 2000 feet in the air in the Vercors mountain range. It is totally nuts and yet somehow manages to look natural because these guys look like they’re having so much fun doing it.

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I’d be at least mildly interested in the mechanics of the thing, especially on a “tech” site. Somebody pulled a cable up both sides of that valley and connected it to something. Since it’s deep in the middle of nowhere, that was something of a feat. After they both jump from the longboard how is the board retrieved to the high side again? I’ll bet it was fun, and I’ll bet it cost a small fortune to accomplish. When they’re done, do they just walk or jump away or do they retrieve the cable?