A surgeon in the US has been suspended after he used his cellphone to snap a patient's penis during surgery. Dr Adam Hansen of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, was inserting a catheter into patient during a routine gallbladder operation when he whipped out his mobile and started snapping away at Sean Dubrovik's schlong. It must have been something to do with the 37-year-old strip club owner's eye-popping body art.

A year before, Dubrovik, a 37-year-old, had "Hot Rod" tattooed on his peen for a $1,000 bet (let me guess, in large gothic letters, with flames coming out of the base, right?). "It was the most horrible thing I went through in my life," said Sean of his gallbladder operation genital inking, which just raises the question, why did you do it, dumbass?


Anyway, enough of the heinous penis backstory, let's get back to the clinic. A scandalized member of the surgical team reported Hansen's actions to the clinic, but not before tipping off the local newspaper. The surgeon, who had apparently shown his patient's artwork to his fellow surgeons, called Dubrovik to apologize, assuring him that he had deleted the photo.

"I feel violated, betrayed and disgusted" says Dubrovik, who is considering legal action, of the surgeon's actions, which is probably similar to how all those folks who saw the photo of his tattoo feel. Meanwhile, the doctor, who is on administrative leave pending an investigation, could lose his job. [BBC Online]