Surprise, Another Electronics Dealer Bribes Reviewers

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Do you remember the story about Cameta Camera from yesterday? The company was bribing Amazon reviewers to take down negative reviews. Now more fraudulent reseller practices are coming out of the woodwork, as was found to be offering this little incentive to their buyers to bump their scores on

Dear Valued Customer,
If you have purchased from us before and feel we did a good job, please use the link below and rate us 10/10 and we will give you $5.00 in credit to use for anything on our website.


Apparently the offer went so far as to provide an invoice number, should the customer not have one. But when called out on this clearly shady practice, quickly hedged their intentions:

We worded the email that was sent out improperly. We wanted to offer $5.00 coupon to anybody who submitted a review ...We are now offering $5.00 for anybody who leaves a review whether it be good or bad.


Ahhh. Of course! It's like a multi-word typo.

Then again, $5 isn't nearly enough to make me (or I'm betting most of you) rate a crappy retailer well, even anonymously. Maybe $50 and we'll talk. [networkworld and the consumerist]

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As with most everything, I am of two minds on this practice. One, I think it poor corporate management to have to bribe people after the fact when a mistake occurs to have them change a review.

From the other side, I have to hand it to a company that does actually attempt to make some amends for thier mistake, and allows for some grievance money to exchange hands.

I guess its really no different than complaining to the manager of a restaurant that your soup was cold, and then they give you a free desert or a free bowl of soup the next time you come in.