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Suunto Vector Wrist Computer Hands-On

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So, here it goes
A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought myself a Suunto

Vector. I bought it because my faithful Timex had died, I had some extra cash in my pocket, I've been going skiing a lot, I like to go camping, and I wanted a cool stylish watch that was jam packed with features like an altimeter, barometer, compass, etc. And in case you're wondering, it also tells the date/time.


Suunto Vector watch for 10% off


So, I've been wearing this all around the hospital, monitoring my altitude as I schlep from the ICU to the basement to the MICU, checking the barometric pressure of the bathrooms, predicting the weather from the 10th floor fire escape, as well as orienteering my way from the cafeteria to the cath lab using only compass points; all while wearing it while washing my hands religiously and while working out. My review- It's great, and I've gotta say, for a $200 watch, this thing has gotten more positive

feedback than the ostentatious solid gold Rolexes that those GI attending love to flaunt.

So give it a look, it's not exactly a wrist-top EKG like their new new t6, but it's a damn cool watch with a whole lot of bang for the buck!

Submitted by Brian at Friend-of-Gizmodo site, MedGadget

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