Swappable Blades Let These Snips Cut Through Almost Anything

When you're working near your toolbox, keeping an assortment of snips within easy reach for various tasks is a great way to stay productive. But when you're working someplace your toolbox can't go, like at the top of a ladder, Crescent's new Switchblade snips are a better option letting you carry a single handle with swappable cutting heads for multiple tasks.


For $35 you actually get four tools in one with the Switchblade. A standard multi-purpose blade that can hack through cardboard, rope, shingles, vinyl, and plastics. A straight blade for cutting ductwork, aluminum siding, and other sheet metal. A cable cutter for trimming and stripping wires, and finally a plier head for all of your non-cutting needs.

Swapping the heads is as easy as popping a couple of quick release bolts that hold each blade securely in place, and the set even comes with a belt holster so you're always at the ready for some quick-draw trimming. [Amazon via Werd]

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