Sweex 53-In-1 Card Reader

Just when we thought our 15-in-1 card reader was fancy, this Sweex 53-in-1 reader comes and stomps all over our cake. The Sweex comes in both internal and external formats, and can read:

• Compact Flash (CF I, CFI WA,CF I Picture, CF PRO,CF PRO II,CF I Elite PRO,CF Ultra II,CF I HS,CF I Ultra II, CF I Extreme, CF I Extreme III, CF II)
• Micro Drive
• Magicstor
• Smart Media (SMC, SM)
• XD (XD, XD M Type)
• Memory Stick (MS, MS MG, MS PRO, MS Pro Extreme, MS Pro MG, MS Duo, MS Duo MG, MS Pro Duo, MS Pro Duo Ultra, MS Pro Due MG, MS Pro Ultra II, Ms ROM, MS Memory Select Function, MS Duo HS,MS PRO Extreme III,MS PRO HS,MS PRO Duo MG HS)
• Secure Digital (SD,SD PRO,SD Elite PRO,SD Ultra, SD Ultra II, SD Extreme, SD Extreme III, SD HS 150X, Mini SD, Micro SD)
• MultiMedia Card (MMC,MMC 4.0,MMC HS, RS MMC,RS-MMC 4.0,RS-MMC HS, MMC mobile , MMC plus 200X)


The only thing that we see missing is the SDHC cards that just appeared on the scene a few weeks ago. Tough luck, Sweex. We're waiting for the 54-in-1's!

Bios Magazine [via uber gizmo]

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