Swimsuit Catalog Banned While Sports Illustrated Swimsuit App Remains in App Store

First we lost the ability to make boobs jiggle, then we lost most of our sexy iPhone apps (about 5,000 of them), and now we can't even shop for swimsuits using an app-based catalog? Well, at least we still have Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit app to keep us amused.


As part of its crackdown on all things sexy, Apple has removed an app by swimsuit retailer Simply Beach—an innocent app with content no more sexual than a Sears catalog—yet they somehow managed to leave Sports Illustrated's and FHM's apps in the App Store. How's the decision process set up here? [Cult of Mac]



IMO Apple has found that managing sex-related apps of any kind is extraordinarily difficult. No matter what acceptance rules you come up with, enterprising developers will try to find any angle they can to slip through something that pushes the limits. It's far too lucrative an industry not to try. This is why I've always argued that Apple will never open the door any wider. The fact that they are slamming it shut is indicative that they can't manage it. They may be reworking the rules behind the scenes though, and this could be temporary. This could be related to a major reworking of the app store in anticipation of the iPAd and OS 4.0. Who knows. What happens to this SI app will be somewhat telling.