Swiping your phone or entering an unlock pin to crack it open is fine—we do it all the time, every day. But it's sort of lacking in sci-fi chic, no? Wouldn't facial recognition be a lot cooler? Yes.

RecognizeMe, a new jailbreak app, uses your iPhone 4's front-facing camera to scan your mug whenever you want to unlock your phone. Is it as discreet as tapping to enter? No—you probably couldn't subtly scan your face at dinner for some mid-meal texts. But it's surely a hell of a lot more secure, assuming you don't get sucked into some sort of Face/Off terrorism scenario.


And assuming it works. Engadget claims that they were able to use a bunch of faces with success—but the app's stringency is adjustable, so your mileage may vary. [9to5Mac via DVICE]

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