As ubiquitous as Wi-Fi and mobile data have become, there are still times when you'll find yourself completely cut off from any and all wireless networks. And inevitably those will be the times when you need to transfer files between a tablet or a smartphone and your laptop. Bluetooth can work in a pinch, but when time is of the essence, ADATA's new DashDrive flash drive plays nice with both USB and microUSB ports.

iPhone and iPad users will want to move along, but anyone with a smartphone or tablet that charges and syncs via a microUSB connection—and supports the USB On-the-Go protocol—will be able to backup and copy files between their mobile devices. The sneakernet isn't dead yet, and even as just an emergency way to move files between devices the DashDrive is a reasonably cheap solution at $17 for the 16GB version and $26 for the 32GB—as long as you don't lose it. [ADATA]