Switchbike, The Transformer Cycle for Pedaling Flip-Floppers

Not sure if you like to ride your bike sitting up straight or getting all laid back? Then the Switchbike is for you, letting you go all AC/DC on your bike, riding it upright in a conventional style or transforming it into a recumbent bicycle when the spirit moves you. With a quick flick of the handlebars, this strange design by Ron de Jong transmogrifies into something completely different. It's not exactly a great-looking racing bike—since it obviously got hit pretty hard by the ugly stick—but there's something strangely appealing about its unique versatility. [Fresh Creation]



This invention addresses the big issue recumbent bikes have, where their lower center of gravity takes away slow speed handling finesse (body english is harder with the shorter moment-arm of lower CG). They are eye-catching enough that the visibility issue is mostly just imagined (I see more from my recumbent seat than from my Miata seat but I'm getting seen all day long). I'd imagined before that something I could ride upright in traffic would be lots of fun if I could drop it into 'bent mode when I got to the trail and could hit the gas. This is the same as the F-14 or F-111 moving fast with swept wings but then opening them for slower maneuvers. In this country, bikes like recumbents just wind up getting filed away as "weird" (too much to understand in an industry that's already deeper in esoterica than most Americans are comfy with), so this little critter might help bridge the gap between the understood and the different. Of course, GIVEMEYOURTOTS is pretty much tuned in to reality here- this is something I'd put in my stable but I don't think I could sell many.