Syfy Aware Of Its Own Ridiculousness

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We may make with the snark about Syfy's Original Movies around here, but if Syfy SVP of Digital Craig Engler's Twitter is anything to go by, we're not the only ones. Or even the funnier ones. Dammit.

On Thursday, Engler admitted a sad truth:

As far as I can tell no movie title we ever come up with will ever get as much attention as Mansquito. People bring it up all the time.


But instead of feeling sad about that, it seems as if the network looks upon it as an opportunity:

The joke title we always talk about wanting to make is Sharktopus (half shark, half octopus!). It's more fun to say outloud than to read.


Or should that be franchise?:

We've also joked about the Mansquito sequel, Womansquito. Quite the laugh riot over here, no? I personally want to see Rhinosaur...


Amazingly, Matthew Ross comes up with an angle that gets our attention:

Womansquito? Why not just call it Ms. Quito? Perhaps you could work in a feminist twist ...


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would totally watch Ms. Quito.