Syfy Comedy Provokes Sci-FI Revolt

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Syfy announced a new animated comedy series, Outer Space Astronauts yesterday. In response, fans at the network's news site decided that enough was enough, and it was time for an intervention. Or, at least, lots of insults and complaints.


To be fair, Outer Space Astronauts may not sound like the most exciting new show we've seen this year — or even the most exciting new show we've seen from Syfy, considering Warehouse 13 and Stargate Universe's particular thrills — but we were kind of planning to wait to actually see a trailer at the very least before completely damning it to television hell.

Not so much the readers of Sci-Fi Wire, who saw the announcement of the series as a sign that they had to speak now about what has become of the one-time Sci Fi Channel before it was too late. Here're some of the comments:

You have got to be kidding me. What happened to actual science fiction? Oh, wait, you guys aren't the Sci-Fi Channel anymore. I think the name change was perhaps the most appropriate thing the execs could do for this network.

I think Syfy (and science fiction in general) may be heading for a new low. Of course this program is probably very cheap to produce so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised.

This has to be some kind of horribly mistimed April Fool's joke, right? There's no way that they would put something this lame on the air, would they? Oh wait, this is SyFy, the home of lame, not Sci-Fi, the home of science fiction. My mistake, carry on.


THIS is what "SyFy" has sunk to?! Pathetic!

Does anyone watch this ridiculous excuse of a cable channel anymore??

Goodbye, "SyFy" - or whatever the hell you're calling yourself these days.

Now that SyFy channel isn't using the name Scifi, maybe someone could use the name Scifi Channel and actually show science fiction on it. Anything is better than the Ghost garbage and the Mutated shark/snake/ movie of the week. why not put on like Babylon 5, classic BSG or even Logan's run series.

I think Syfy needs to "imagine greater".

As in, actually -get- an imagination.

Do you want me to send you a collection of sci-fi books for you to research so you can actually see what real sci-fi is so you can make a show that isnt derivative uninspired rubbish for once ?

I guess not, you'd have to read through the pages :(

Next week, SyFy(llis) will debut a new series combining live action and stunning 1890s visual effects. It's about a lump-shaped space ship stuck in a caught in a swirling vortex, headed toward their doom. Filmed entirely on location in the execute restroom at SyFy(llis).

Let's take a look at SyFy primetime:

Monday - Ghost Whisperer - no SciFi not good when first shown on CBS

Tuesday - Scare Tactics - not SciFI not good, not funny, not scary

Wednesday - Ghost Hunters - not -oh my god what was that - good, NOT SCIFI

Thursday - Bad Movies

Friday - SG:U and Sanctuary. OK, I will give you SCIFI on these, but both are poorly plotted, poorly acted, waste of two hours.

Saturday - Bad Movies - Part 2

Sunday - Bad Movies - Part 3

And now a show that was rejected 2 years is official, the SciFi channel is no more and I will not turn it on any more. It is a shame...this use to be the place to get good scifi news..hell they use to talk about books other then vampire or witch books. What happened to SCIFI?? Go to the book store and it all vampire.werewolf, witch, ghost books. And they ALL have the same theme..goodlooking moral falls in love with even better looking immoral...other immorals what to kill/turn/sleep with mortal. I for one will be turning off my TV and re-reading Clark, Asimov, Bradbury, and a few others. Goodbye and good luck.

Yet another show I won't waste my time on. What happened here? Did Sci Fi get taken over by Noggin? Reminds me of a Wonder Pets Upside Down show Mash up. I can't believe I even know those shows. Just shoot me.

Are you guys trying to make the wrestling portion of your line-up look like a good idea? Come on, you guys once had original series that were as daring as "Lexx" and smart as "Farscape." I know that you guys ran out of franchises to buy from Showtime, but even a tongue-in-cheek fourth revival of "The Outer Limits" would be more appropriate than this.

I think its time to fire the execs again. Whoever greenlit this PoS "show" is a complete MORON.

Whoever watches Scare Tactics is a MORON.

Whoever watches Ghost Hunters (or its poorly-concieved spinoffs) is a MORON.

Whoever wathes 'wrestling' on SyFy (or better yet, whoever OKed its timeslot) needs a beating.

This network has been circling the drain for YEARS. They cancel Sliders, SG-1 SG-A... They fund GOD AWFUL movies that are rip offs of other bad movies... And wouldn't know good Sci-Fi if it came up and probed them anally.

SG-U had promise, but the Lost In Space meets Battlestar Galactics meets Passions needs to be put out of our misery. That show if going nowhere at FTL speeds.

Sanctuary. *sigh* Amanda Tapping is a good actress.. Loved her in SG-1. But.. Sanctuary is a bit meh... However its 110%better then SyFy's other offerings.

First off, apparently I'm alone in liking SGU. Secondly, what the fuck actually happened here? Was there some kind of psychic breakdown about Syfy's direction that all of these people just happened to have at the same time? I'm as much a fan of fanboy rampages as the next person, but this seems like an insane overreaction to the announcement of an admittedly unpromising show. Is this misdirected Dollhouse grief or something? People, just remember: We survived Tripping The Rift.

Syfy launching new series Outer Space Astronauts: Comments [Sci Fi Wire]



You are not alone in liking SGU, I even like Warehouse 13, Eureka, and Sanctuary.

Second; no this is not a freak occurrence of people hating on SyFy. The channel was once a shining beacon of hope for us SciFi lovers and now does play mostly crap. All they would have to do is stop funding the 20 horrible mutation movies and funnel that money into one or two good movies! #syfy