Syria Just Turned off The Internet (Updated)

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Lights out, rebels: it looks like the Syrian government just blacked out almost the entire country's access to the web. This is cyber warfare.


Internet-monitoring firm Renesys says "77 networks experienced an outage in Syria starting at 10:26 UTC on November 29. This represents 92% of the routed networks in the country." That's a big chunk of the country's infrastructure that just went dark. Danger Room spoke to an activist working with Syria's rebel forces who confirms the outage.

A smaller outage could be chalked up to an errant mortar shell, but 92% of the entire country? Only the Syrian regime has the power to create that kind of lockout at will. [Renesys via Danger Room]

Update: ABC News reports phone service is severed, too.

Update 2: The graph above says it all.

Update 3: Renesys has a blog post up with a thorough look at the blockage.


Makes me wonder... What would I do without ANY internet connection... yikes. Could you imagine the personal impact.. Not to mention the impact on the economy. That is an article I want to see on gizmodo.. "What to do when your gov't shuts off the internet."