Sony is releasing a PVR in a box with its Vaio T, a 2.7-lb. notebook that can record 222 hours of TV programs with its digital TV tuner. Processor choices are an Intel Core Solo U1400, U1300 or a Celeron 1.06GHz, and the notebook's batteries are said to let you watch TV for four hours on its 11.1-inch 1366x768 screen.

This small notebook is just about the optimal form factor for road warriors, in our experience. This unit will be perfect for catching up with four hours' worth of TV while on a coast-to-coast flight. With pricing starting at $1400 for the Core Solo version, the Vaio T series will be available in Japan on June 24. No word about when we'll see it here in the United States, or even if that digital TV tuner will work here.


Sony Vaio T with digital TV tuner [Newlaunches]