T-Mobile Is Giving Away Free Data When You Buy Certain Netbooks and Tablets

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You know what sucks about buying 4G enabled netbooks and tablets? Suddenly you have another monthly bill to deal with. It adds up, making the gadget cost a lot more in the long run than the initial sticker price. T-Mobile's 4G Connect effectively kills that.


Now, when you buy certain netbooks or tablets, you're going to get two years of free 4G data with it. And no, they aren't raising the sticker prices to do that, they're really just giving it to you. Now, you only get 250MB 200MB per month free, which is very easy to tear through in a couple hours of YouTubing. The free thing is more for checking your email and very light web surfing when you're not on Wi-Fi. If you want more data than that, it's $10 a month per GB you want to add. Pretty straightforward.

T-Mo demoed the app for us on a Windows 8 netbook, and it was very intuitive. You don't have to deal with any contracts out of the gate. You just punch in some info and you're good to go. The apps makes it easy to keep track of how much data you've used for the month, and when it senses your home or office Wi-Fi network, it will seamlessly switch over to that. Right now 4G Connect is just for a handful of Windows 8 netbooks, but expect to see it applied to tablets in the near future.


T-Mobile also just launched a no-contract unlimited talk, text, and data plan for just $70 a month. It seems like carriers are always trying to squeeze more and more out of us, so it's very refreshing to see one doing stuff that is really quite pro-consumer. Maybe it'll catch on. [T-Mobile]

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Slight correction(?): according to the press release it's 200 MB per month, not 250.

Either way, that's nowhere near my total data needs, but fantastic as a wifi backup and would seriously make me consider getting a device with packet data capability next time I need one.