T-Mobile's Knocking $100 Off the 64GB iPhone 6 Today

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Managing your space on a 16GB iPhone is a nightmare, especially when you're trying to upgrade to the next version of iOS. So avoid it all together; T-Mobile is offering $100 off the 64GB iPhone when you start a new plan this Cyber Monday. That means 64GB for for the price of 16GB.


The Uncarrier technically doesn't do subsidies anymore, so that means a 64GB will be zero down with a $27/month payment plan, or $650 up front. The deal applies to the storage-step up version of older models too; the 32GB 5S comes at the price of the 16GB version. And the 16GB 5C comes at the price of the 8GB. Finally, there's a day where bumping up to the bigger storage size you could probably stand to have won't hurt your wallet. [T-Mobile]

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It's been $649 the whole damn week! Real cute T-Mobile, acting like y'all lowered the price showing that $749 with a slash.