T-Mobile Will Pay Off Your Fees and Your Phone If You Switch

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Good news for potential and existing T-Mo customers: The Uncarrier will now pay off your early termination fees and the cost of your phone (up to $650) if you switch. That and all promotional plans are now permanent.


At CES 2014, CEO Legere announced at one (of its many) Uncarrier events that if you switched over to T-Mo, the carrier would pay off your early termination fees (ETF). Expanding on that carrier-switching temptation, T-Mobile will now pay your equipment installment plans as well. Like ETFs, this offer of free money covers up to $650 per line for up to 10 lines.

T-Mobile also brought back the contract, in the form of what T-Mobile calls the "Un-contract" (Getting tired of the "un" thing yet?). Legere says prices will never increase when you're at T-Mobile (only decrease) and that many of the company's presumably temporary promotional plans, like 4 lines/10GB plan for $100, is now a permanent offer.


T-Mobile is trying as much as it can to erase any reason to not try to ditch your carrier, and after nine of these events, the deal gets more tempting every time. But can they really keep it up?

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I have an iPhone on AT&T's Next program. With two phones on this plan, my monthly bill is about 200 bucks. This is a very tempting switch.