Taco Bell's Stupidly Exploitative MLK Day Tweet

Illustration for article titled Taco Bell's Stupidly Exploitative MLK Day Tweet

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the greatest figures in American history, and helped kick segregation squarely in the balls. So, what's the best way to honor this brave man's legacy? How about comparing it to a fucking taco!


"Have you ever dreamed about eating @TacoBell and then woke up and made that dream come true?"

Ponder that, and think about MLK's dream of racial, economic, and societal equality. Then think about unwrapping a Gordita and stuffing it into your gaping maw, most likely served to you by an underpaid, undereducated employee. The dream is alive!

A note to corporate Twitter stewards: if you want to do some marketing on the back of the civil rights movement, at least do it in a classy way, like McDonalds: "Today we're remembering a great leader and inspirational man – Martin Luther King Jr." Simple, honest, and sincere.

But whatever you do, don't pull an Arby's and acknowledge National Hat Day and not MLK Day.

Or do like Carl's Jr., and honor your founder (and his dream!), some burger guy nobody has ever heard of, without any mention of, you know, the actually historical birthday we're supposed to be thinking about.

Dear God. How about everyone just shuts up in general, eats a Big Mac, and then does some community service or something.




From now on, every time I see an article mentioning Taco Bell, I'm going to post a pic like this in the hopes that just ONE PERSON out there will come to realize what a REAL taco should look and taste like.