Tactical Stockings Ensure Maximum Stuffage

Ensuring a healthy bounty of presents on Christmas morning isn't all about just being good. As any kid will tell you, there are countless strategies you can use to maximize your pile of presents—including this tactical stocking. A new addition to your festive arsenal, it's packed with pockets, straps, clips, and an extra strong handle for carrying when it's filled with gifts.

At $20 it's not exactly brimming with festive colors or cheer, but this alternative to the bright red stocking you've been using for years is all business. It even comes with integrated MOLLE straps allowing you to further expand its capacity with additional pouches and compartments. In fact, with this hung on your fireplace you should stop worrying about what's inside your stocking and be more concerned with the load capacity of your mantle. [ThinkGeek]


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